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Masterfully performed and produced, Twin City’s debut music video for “Let the Music Rock” is a cyberpunk-reminiscent, feel-good banger that introduces New York City’s new pop act to the masses in a glamorous glow of blue neon light.

The video opens with the true-life twin sisters behind Twin City, Anjali and Bhavani Pitti, decked out in stunning, android-esque attire. They stride down a blue-lit hall toward an ominous, whirring video screen to place a glowing crystal on a mysterious device… and that’s when the fun really starts. Cue the first strains of an incredibly catchy retro-future guitar riff and cut to the video’s protagonist, who received a surprise breakup text resulting in a spontaneous decision to hail a cab and hit the city.

From there, it’s a party.

Filmed in six locations around New York City (including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens), the project features a mesmerizing array of characters and costumes, from the aforementioned android-inspired outfits to club-perfect cuts, used in underground-inspired scenes that allow for the creation of tension through cool choreography. The lighting choices are consistently creative, featuring a range of looks from hazy yellows to blue neon glows, and every scene is beautifully shot. And the pay-off – when the protagonist enters the club where Anjali and Bhavani are performing – is pure fun.

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Taken altogether, it’s like watching a music video from the world of a cyberpunk movie.

“Let the Music Rock” is the debut single from Twin City. The track was produced by Damian Dustin and mastered by Randy Merrill, and was released to a sold-out show in New York City. It will be followed with forthcoming songs and videos and supported by a series of spontaneous, pop-up performances around New York City during the fall and early winter of 2022.


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