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California Condor originates from small Estonia as an “All Time Touring Band” Forged in the light of 2021 with a collection of underground “revelation horsemen” who make 2 styles of music. 1st style is Post Grunge & Alternative metal. (Old School) and 2nd style Hop-Hip with a dash of Metal(XIII).

The start is fresh but the future looks bright! Their unique brand of entertainment fuses the variability of melody with heavy chorus riffs and combines variable melodies to a perfect balance in a post-apocalyptic world where the surprising set changes will make you want to open yourselves to a different view of life.

California Condor is a “crusade” to make music with less nonsense and more point to it. Keeping away from the mainstream regulations of Today from modern pop/hip-hop calamity constructions that are being shoved down for people to “enjoy”.

The music industry in the last years has changed in many ways and California Condor is a different kind of light lurking between the shadows of a “mainstream” culture, casting a bit of sense in this nonsense we live into anyone who’s willing to lend an ear.

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