Earthquake Lights is a five-piece rock outfit from NYC.

Having all met during their time at college, the band quickly saw success with their very first EP, Bangups and Hangups, earning placements in a national NBA/Tissot ad campaign and an Alex Gibney documentary. Its consequent debut LP, Distress Signals, was released to critical acclaim in 2019.

An orchestral rock odyssey featuring broadway jazz players on brass, and strings from Abbey Road studios in London, the album received critical acclaim alongside placement in Isabel Sandoval’s award-winning film Lingua Franca, and a spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds. They soon found themselves back in the studio recording the follow-up single “Quarter to Midnight” and shortly after “Off and Away,” which featured on Vulfpeck’s “The Joy of Music the Job of Real Estate.”

Their second and latest album Desert Bloom sees the band exploring further territories as they blend alt-rock with orchestral elements. Lead singer Myles Rodenhouse shares, “It is very much a record of deadlines and pushing our creative process forward. It was tough but really important and healthy for us because we found out a bit about ourselves and how we create.” Taking its name from the rare and momentary growth and flourishing of plant life in the desert, it represents the timeline and vibe of the band’s creative process for the record.

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The album includes “Another Star,” a single inspired by the spacecraft Voyager. Exploring the concept of it being shot into space, only to someday be forgotten, they explain, “It’s something that was once so relevant but has become dated and now exists far removed from anything that truly cared about it.” The track showcases lyrical bliss with improvised drum grooves, impressive piano progression and melodic rhythm. The title track and fan favourite “Desert Bloom” has garnered over 1.7 Million streams alone. Having charted on iTunes four separate times in the Top 40 and Top 20 in good company with artists and bands like John Mayer and The Killers. Earthquake Lights also recently unveiled a live music video for “Desert Bloom” which demonstrates their polished and captivating live sound.

Earthquake Lights is about exploring new frontiers both imaginatively and within one’s own self. In the past and to date, their albums have always been frontier based with their first album Distress Signals exploring being marooned out at sea. While Desert Bloom takes its name from the rare and momentary growth and flourishing of plant life in the desert. Both of which can be interpreted as being a feeling within one’s own self being out in the open sea or stranded in the desert. The Desert Bloom album even explores new frontiers like space with “Another Star” which essentially is a feeling of being forgotten.

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