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With ‘Fado’, Singer-songwriter Louis Puggaard-Müller is taking the music back to its roots.

Showcased by a fully live recorded album, consisting of acoustic versions of the songs that can be found on the previously released album ‘Saudade’, ‘Fado’ can be considered the A-side to ‘Saudade’. ‘Fado’ captures the raw and naked emotions of the songs in their purest form.

When presented like this, we are invited to follow the longing lyrics as they dance across the chords of a troubadour’s guitar. The seven songs that make up the album were written by Puggaard-Müller in a turbulent period of his love life. While breaking up with his long-time Dutch lover, he found himself moving from couch to couch throughout the city of Amsterdam. Should he stay or should he go back home to Denmark? The band was now his main love and reason to stay, but he also met a new girl in Amsterdam.

Both this girl and his old love, are well-known singer-songwriters, living at different ends of the city. This created a vacuum that made it difficult to start anew, and so a year into the new love affair, his inability to move on and commit to a new relationship, resulted in another heartbreak which sparked these songs into existence.

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Subterranean Street Society is a Danish-Dutch trio that plays a mix of folk, alternative and grunge. Over steel metal resonator guitars, heavily overdriven Hollowbody bass guitars, vintage cassette tape noise and dark-beating drums, a road-worn voice shouts out poetic tales about tragic heroes, romantic love and vagabonds. Vulnerable story-telling with a manic edge based on a life travelling between venues, festivals and busking on the streets of Europe. As a trio, the band’s live performance is rough, explosive and unpredictable.

Still, the group has more up their sleeve as they are able to bring out a stripped-down rendition of their music. Featuring acoustic instruments, classic folk harmony vocals or even just the bare minimum of street music: one man and his guitar. They have been spreading their addictive raw folk-grunge to the praise of audiences worldwide since 2016, touring countries such as Holland, Germany, Denmark, the UK, Italy, and Russia and having their music featured under the Netflix original ‘Ragnarok’. Notably, they have performed on the Dutch tv-show ‘2-meter sessies’. Here they presented their concept album ‘Twelve Steps’ about alcoholism which was highly acclaimed in various dutch media (among others Trouw, OOR and Music Maker).

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