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In a recent episode of TV comedy “Father Ted” Christmas special, Mrs. Doyle was presented with the prospect of owning a machine that supposedly takes the misery out of making tea.

Her response was classic: “Maybe I like the misery.” This phrase perfectly sums up a lot of the sentiments portrayed throughout the EP’s five tracks. It’s the age-old idea that a lot of creativity and inspiration can come out of the darkest times in your life, and for that reason, maybe those bad times are a necessary evil.

The EP delves into subject matters such as social anxiety (“The Incubator”), unreciprocated love (“Running Back 2 U”), and burnout (“Wear Me Down”), among others. With high energy and guitar-driven music proving to be a tonic to these themes, we had a lot of mental baggage to unpack in this body of work. Regardless, we had a crazy amount of fun pulling these tracks together, so yeah, maybe we do like misery.

The title is also taken from the lyrics of the lead single and opening track “Running Back 2 U”. Set to a soundtrack of driving motorik rhythms and winding Killers indebted guitar work, the song offers an explosive introduction to the EP with defiant proclamations that “I’ve found something better for me” and “this time you won’t catch me running back 2 U”. Lyrically analyzing a relationship that’s been on life support for way too long, the song closes vowing to “never let you drag me down again”.

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