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LOVECOLOR, the dynamic musical duo comprised of producer/songwriter Vanessa Silberman and musician/actor Ryan Carnes, is ready to ignite the summer season with their latest single, “Pure Love.” Following their explosive debut single, “Dangerous,” this new offering encapsulates a dark, mysterious allure, weaving sensual vocals, haunting synths, and irresistible rock hooks that draw listeners into a realm of compassion and love.

When Silberman and Carnes first began their musical journey together, their shared affinity for loud rock music was apparent. However, as their connection deepened, they soon discovered a mutual passion for an array of genres. Little did they know that this common ground would serve as the fertile ground for their creative bond, birthing LOVECOLOR—a sultry lovechild characterized by alt-pop compositions layered with brooding synths, epic rock elements, and seductive hooks.

Their paths converged in a fateful encounter at a Los Angeles entertainment industry holiday party in 2015, facilitated by a mutual friend. Silberman, a seasoned touring solo artist and record producer, found herself in need of a drummer for a last-minute show and reached out to Carnes, an accomplished actor and skilled percussionist. The serendipitous collaboration that unfolded that night at the Silverlake Lounge would shape their destiny, as Carnes seamlessly transitioned into Silberman’s full-time drummer and creative partner. It was only a matter of time before their collaboration organically blossomed into the formation of LOVECOLOR in November 2022.

“Pure Love,” their latest single, is a self-produced gem that showcases their artistic prowess. Mixed by the acclaimed Andrew Dawson, known for his work with Phantogram, Jay Z, Sleigh Bells, and Fun, the song arrives in the midst of their Western U.S. and West Coast tour, amplifying the excitement surrounding LOVECOLOR’s musical evolution. With “Pure Love,” the duo flexes their versatility, effortlessly infusing a myriad of influences into their signature sound while maintaining an undeniable commercial appeal.

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Prepare to be enthralled by the seductive allure of LOVECOLOR’s “Pure Love,” a sonic journey that resonates with the depth of emotions and captures the essence of summertime. Through their dark synth layers, captivating vocals, and epic rock-infused melodies, Silberman and Carnes invite listeners to immerse themselves in a world where passion and tenderness intertwine. As LOVECOLOR continues to push creative boundaries, this duo emerges as a potent force, poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene with their intoxicating blend of genres. Let “Pure Love” wash over you and surrender to the enchantment that is LOVECOLOR.


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