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France’s high-voltage rock ‘n’ rollers Les Lullies have just released their hotly anticipated new LP Mauvaise Foi on Slovenly Recordings International. The band describes the new album as “No-frills and fast-paced punk rock with a few power-pop jabs every here and there.

The title speaks for itself: if we’re wrong, we’ll keep being wrong and drive ourselves crazy.” Their new album stands out from their previous releases by reaching a new level of quality. Fans will also notice that the band now sings primarily in French. Mauvaise Foi (a resolutely French title for the 2nd Lullies LP – meaning “bad faith” in English) reflects the band’s decision to sing in their native language. The result is streamlined vocals on searing rock’n’roll tracks which highlight more personal and fleshed-out material. Dabbling in influences from Normandy (Fixed Up, Dogs, Sub Kids and all), and referencing influences like The Records, The Real Kids and Phil Spector, listeners will rejoice as the band sways from glam-rock anthems to power-pop numbers and back to classic garage-punk bangers thrown in for good measure.

The recording of the new album Mauvaise Foi started in November 2021 at Château Vergogne, with Maxime Smadja (Rixe, BOSS, Condor, Digital Octopus) who brought all his savoir-faire to the band’s sound. Les Lullies didn’t want to repeat the same record as before and they took time to write, record and produce, due to the pandemic while being stuck at home without touring. Mauvaise Foi touches on a myriad of topical themes ranging from serious to lighthearted, all while the pounding backbeat takes you on a wild 35-minute punk and roll ride.

Soirée Standard is a rock’n’roll anthem which goes out to all their mates who spend their lives down at the pub. Bassist Tboy describes the song as follows: “Razor-sharp riffing and lyrical mischief make for a song celebrating the vital necessity of being shitfaced. A song featuring Aurore on vocals who also happens to be singing and playing the guitar for Asphalt, Toulouse’s best French band in the world.” The song Ville Musée conjures up the ghosts from Normandy with the band taking out their twelve-string guitars for maximum effect.

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The band says, “Gentrification is creeping in all over our city centres like a blob; dry-cleaning everything and everyone in its path. Zealous rules are killing off the nightlife and bars. Our cities are increasingly tourist-friendly to the point where we feel we no longer belong here.” When you walk in the room is some sweet candy for your taste buds with this number from Jackie DeShannon, wonderfully covered by The Searchers which now has its very own punk/power pop version. This is the only track sung in English.

Montpellier, France’s own sweethearts Les Lullies were formed in 2016 with the simple creed: hop in the van, go everywhere and play rock’n’roll! It was their constant gigging that helped the band really win over its audience with raw, exciting shows. The band has toured Europe, the UK, the US and Canada as well as performing at numerous festivals such as We’re Loud, Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Bule Bule Toga Fest, Cosmic Trip, Fuzzville, and the Binic Folk Blues Festival. The band explains, “We are all music nerds and record collectors who love to dig and are curious about new things.” This curiosity leads to their deep-dive influences and has inspired their many covers: Fun Things, Testors, Nick Lowe, The Troggs, Real Kids, Eddie and the Hot Rods, and The Rottweilers. Mauvaise Foi takes note of their influences, adds a twist of punk rock piss and vinegar and blends it all together with enough melody to make Brian Wilson blush. The result is a blissfully cool album with music that will appeal to all listeners, from record store snobs, garage rock slobs, and even psych-pop heartthrobs!


Live dates

31/05 Bordeaux w/Civic (France)
01/06 Nevers (France)
02/06 Valence (France)
03/06 Genève (Switzerland)
07/06 Paris (France) w/ Beaten Brats and Alvilda
08/06 Brussels (Belgium) w/Beaten Brats
10/06 Saint Gilles la Croix de Vie (France) w/ Beaten Brats
15/06 León – BIG CAFE
16/06 Logroño -STEREO
17/06 12h Vitoria Gasteiz – HELLDORADO
17/06: Zaragoza – ZETA’S ROOM
18/06 San Sebastián – DOKA
20/06 Tarragona – MOJO club

21/06 Castellón – BECAUSE
22/06 Valencia – 16 TONS
23/06 Cox – TNT BLUES
24/06 Madrid – SUN ROOM
25/06 Valladolid – HUNDRED CENTRE
26/06 Santander – ROCK BEER
29/06 Gijon – TIZON SOUND
01/07 San Vicente de Alcantara – SUBEROCK Festival
02/07 Vega de Espinareda – ESPINA Festival
09/07 Gierle (BE) SJOCK Festival
03/08 Bordeaux (France) w/ The Briefs
23/09 Nantes (France)
24/09 Rouen (France)

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