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Ireland’s hidden gem in the realms of dream pop, shoegaze, and neo-psych has been none other than the enigmatic Keeley Moss, quietly enchanting audiences for the past couple of years.

Her ethereal melodies have graced the airwaves of RTE and various national Irish radio stations while earning recognition from tastemakers like Steve Lamacq on 6Music and the esteemed BBC Radio in Wales and Ulster.

Now, signed to the illustrious Dimple Discs, she’s poised to unveil her singular vision of “bliss-out” to the world through her debut album, aptly titled “Floating Above Everything Else,” set for release on June 30th.

Miki Berenyi, the esteemed musician from Lush and a dear friend of Keeley’s, has offered her own praise, saying, “The songs range from golden shimmery atmospherics to punchy power tunes, born from darkness and loss, and elevated to a celebration.” With such a captivating endorsement, it’s clear that Keeley’s musical creations traverse the emotional spectrum, drawing inspiration from personal experiences while simultaneously paying homage to the tragic story of Inga-Maria Hauser. As a devoted True Crime blogger, Keeley has delved into the case extensively, and her debut album serves as a heartfelt tribute to the young German tourist who met a horrifying fate in Northern Ireland back in 1988.

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Hailing from the vibrant city of Dublin, Keeley Moss is not just a multi-talented writer, singer, and guitarist; she’s an ardent music lover with an irresistible wit and charm. Her journey as a transgender female artist adds an extra layer of depth to her already captivating narrative. Prepare to be enthralled by her fascinating story, as she invites you to join her on this sonic voyage.

The album’s lead single, “Seeing Everything,” dives into Inga Maria’s final night on this earth, immersing listeners in a hauntingly beautiful composition.


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