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During a lockdown, the serendipitous union of Kat and Nikolai took place on a musician’s website. Fuelled by the allure of Kat’s captivating voice, they wasted no time in embarking on a collaborative journey of songwriting and recording.

With a kaleidoscope of musical preferences spanning jazz, indie, folk, and funk, the band weaves a tapestry of sound that effortlessly merges electronic and organic elements. Their sonic palette comprises buoyant live percussion, synths that shimmer, guitars that slink, and acoustic basses that throb, all punctuated by the occasional infusion of brass and strings.

Though their journey has just begun, the band has already made an indelible mark. Their inaugural single, “2 Miles High,” earned the prestigious distinction of being featured on the illustrious April 2023 BBC Introducing mixtape, championed personally by the discerning ear of Tom Robinson. This recognition has propelled their music to traverse borders, captivating audiences worldwide and garnering substantial airplay and online accolades.

In a testament to the power of musical synergy, Kat and Nikolai have encountered each other face-to-face a mere two times. Their initial meeting served as a visual feast during a photoshoot, while the second rendezvous transpired in the realm of mastering ten tracks. Throughout their artistic voyage, the duo has maintained an unwavering connection, fostering their creative bond through the digital realm of WhatsApp.

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Critics have been effusive in their praise, bestowing upon the band such epithets as “inventive,” “ethereal,” and a “breath of fresh air.” Their music has elicited a resounding affirmation from the discerning ears of those who’ve had the pleasure of listening.

Nikolai Jones, a maestro in his own right, has assumed the roles of songwriter, recording engineer, mixer, and producer in the band’s sonic odyssey. Housed within the confines of his studio in West Wiltshire, all ten tracks were meticulously crafted under his expert guidance. Accompanying musical elements, including vocals, strings, and horns, were recorded remotely and seamlessly integrated into the sonic tapestry under Nikolai’s adept touch. The culmination of their labor was masterfully perfected at GetReal Audio in Bath.

Embracing an ethos of boundless artistic freedom, the band endeavors to create music that stirs the soul of both themselves and their listeners. Shackled by neither BPM nor predetermined soundscapes, they forge a musical path guided solely by intuition and the pursuit of what feels and sounds inherently right. For them, the essence lies in crafting an artistry that resonates, trusting that their heartfelt expressions will find a home in the hearts of others.

Unleashing their latest creation, “Flux”, the band delves deep into the tumultuous zeitgeist of modern existence. In the span of a succinct 3.5 minutes, the song encapsulates the weight of uncertainty that permeates our lives, deftly transforming chaos into a sonorous embodiment of introspection and wisdom.


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