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In the hallowed halls of high school, while the class of ’07 diligently hit the books, a trio of talented individuals from Dover, Delaware embarked on an audacious musical journey.

Mic Anthony, Relay, and James Major joined forces and birthed the vibrant hip-hop collective known as Cypher Clique. Their ascent to local stardom was nothing short of meteoric, with their undeniable skills propelling them to coveted stages alongside hip-hop’s elite, including luminaries like Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky, Wale, Meek Mill, Dom Kennedy, and Travis Scott.

Cypher Clique’s sonic tapestry is a testament to their artistry, seamlessly blending modern sensibilities with the timeless essence of hip-hop pioneers like Tribe Called Quest and Little Brother. Branded as purveyors of “Real Hip Hop,” Cypher Clique’s musical offerings aim to inspire listeners, urging them to tap into their innate potential and manifest greatness.

A pivotal moment for the group arrived in 2015 when James Major, one of Cypher Clique’s members, produced the electrifying track “That Chicken” by Dyme-A-Duzin, featuring the inimitable Fabolous. The single gracefully graced the airwaves, resonating with audiences through powerhouse radio stations like Hot 97 and Power 105. Energized by this accomplishment, Cypher Clique wasted no time in capitalizing on their momentum, diving headfirst into album production after their return from the illustrious 2017 A3C Music Festival & Conference in Atlanta.

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As the year drew to a close, the group fervently pitched their innovative project to numerous labels and distributors, hungry to find the perfect home for their musical opus. The dawn of 2018 saw their perseverance pay off as Cypher Clique secured a highly coveted distribution deal with EMPIRE for their groundbreaking albums, “Vintage 07” and “Cloutville.” The fruitful collaboration between the group and EMPIRE set the stage for success, with Cypher Clique’s last three projects making an impressive debut within the top 50 on the iTunes hip-hop charts.

To stay in the loop and immerse yourself in the world of Cypher Clique, look no further than their social media presence. Follow @CypherClique on Twitter and Instagram, and be prepared to embark on an exhilarating journey through their artistry, as they continue to push boundaries and redefine the hip-hop landscape.


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