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In the ever-vibrant Czech-Slovak music scene, a group of seasoned artists known as From Our Hands is set to mesmerize fans with their latest single and accompanying music video, aptly titled “Sugar Pills.” With their fingers on the pulse of musical innovation, this talented ensemble aims to dissect the peculiarities of the digital age and the enigmatic allure of misinformation that engulfs our society.

Even before the tumultuous year of 2020 descended upon us, singer and guitarist Matej Hotka had an inkling that the vast majority of individuals in his orbit were grappling with the art of navigating the vast realm of the internet. Hotka eloquently describes the paradoxical situation we find ourselves in a world where the sum of humanity’s knowledge lies just a few clicks away, yet the propensity to believe every fallacious notion encountered online remains disconcertingly prevalent. “Sugar Pills” serves as a poignant exploration of this perplexing phenomenon, an introspective observation that reverberates with the band’s acute understanding of our digital landscape.

The music video for “Sugar Pills” is a visual spectacle crafted in collaboration with the talented minds of TOXPRO and director Vladimíra Hradecka. It serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming studio album, promising a harmonious synergy of auditory and visual delights.

However, fate had an unforeseen twist in store for the band, as they faced the departure of their drummer, Kelo, who embarked on an exciting venture abroad to join Jake Paul’s esteemed video editing team. Recognizing Kelo’s undeniable prowess, it was only natural for the band to entrust him with the task of editing the music video. The moment Kelo presented the final cut, the collective elation among the band members was palpable, a testament to the seamless collaboration and unwavering dedication to their craft.

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With the release of this captivating single, From Our Hands also heralds their eagerly anticipated return to the concert stage. Among their upcoming performances, one can find them gracing the renowned Rock For People festival in Hradec Kralove, where they will share the spotlight with iconic names such as Muse, Slipknot, and 1975. It’s a homecoming of sorts, after the relentless challenges posed by the pandemic disrupted the band’s live performances, putting them on a temporary hiatus. Nevertheless, the group’s resilience prevailed as they utilized the time to tirelessly cultivate fresh musical material, honing their skills and refining their signature sound.

As the curtain rises on From Our Hands’ enchanting journey, brace yourselves for an intoxicating blend of sonic enchantment and thought-provoking narratives. Their melodic prowess intertwined with their introspective lyricism promises an extraordinary listening experience that captivates the heart and stimulates the mind. With “Sugar Pills” as the catalyst, their forthcoming studio album beckons us into a realm where artistry transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the sonic tapestry of our time.


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