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Unleashing a bombshell persona, the enchanting indie pop prodigy, tiger del flor, is setting the music world ablaze once again after her captivating stint on Love Island USA. With a titillating lead single, “shut up and kiss me!” she is leaving fans yearning for more as she tantalizingly teases her upcoming debut EP, “see me in hell.” Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Hole, Nirvana, and Mudhoney, this grunge-pop anthem pays homage to the raw, electrifying energy that shaped del flor’s youth in Seattle.

Hailing from the heart of the grunge revolution, del flor skillfully intertwines nostalgic, gritty elements with infectious, shimmering pop melodies, resulting in a sonic experience that feels simultaneously familiar and utterly fresh. This dynamic artist’s musical journey commenced in Seattle, where she commanded the stage as the frontwoman of an all-girl grunge band alongside her sister and cousin. Their electrifying performances quickly earned them the title of “Seattle’s Best Underage Band” by none other than Seattle Weekly.

Since embarking on her solo career, del flor has soared to new heights, amassing millions of streams and cultivating a devoted following of over 225,000 on TikTok and Instagram. Her releases consistently soar to the top of Hype Machine charts, gaining effusive praise from influential industry tastemakers like SPIN Magazine, EARMILK, Ones to Watch, KEXP, and Spotify’s esteemed editorial team.

But tigerdel flor’s impact transcends her musical achievements. She is an unyielding advocate for greater representation of Asian artists within the entertainment realm. Her remarkable contributions to the AAPI community have garnered recognition from prestigious organizations such as Asia Society and JoySauce. MACG Magazine commends her, stating, “Tigerlily has ambition, experience, and vision. She’s an artist that refuses to allow the industry to define her. She’s a woman with a mission and the guts to pull it off.”

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Indeed, “shut up and kiss me!” serves as a powerful forewarning to the music industry. tiger del flor is destined to become the most explosive bombshell to grace the scene, breaking barriers and captivating hearts with her unrivalled talent and unwavering determination. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned, for this rising star is about to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.


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