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Astrid Cordes, the Danish singer-songwriter, delves into the kaleidoscope of emotions that motherhood ignites, a whirlwind that fuses the unimaginable and the unmistakably apparent. “It’s as though every emotion surged within me simultaneously when I became a parent,” Astrid muses, her voice a blend of wonder and introspection. The journey is a paradox, an amalgamation of the exquisite and the terrifying, a source of empowerment and vulnerability that reshapes existence itself. “It’s an evolution that defies comparison, a symphony of transformation,” she adds, “everything is altered, yet strangely unaltered.”

Within Astrid Cordes’ words, we find the essence of her motherhood odyssey – a narrative that unfolds through melodies, an intimate revelation of the life-altering chapters she traversed. This narrative unfolds in the form of a trilogy, a testament to her courage and creativity. Each song etches onto the canvas of time the beauty, the agony, and the metamorphosis that swirled around her existence.

“Surrender,” the luminous flagship single from Astrid Cordes’ third and concluding EP, emerges as the crowning jewel of her musical journey. Originating as notes woven on a harp’s strings, it metamorphosed under Astrid’s skilled touch into a symphony of electronica. The harp’s gentleness coalesces with an audacious synth motif, riding atop the current of an irresistible kraut-rock rhythm. Piano notes dance with vivacity, while horn-sections swell, guiding the listener through a crescendo that culminates in a euphoric embrace.

“‘Surrender’ is a hymn to living life without merely yearning for the distant,” Astrid Cordes explains, her words imbued with a sage-like wisdom. In her reflection, she unveils a truth that resonates universally: to lose oneself in dreams is to be adrift from reality’s shores. Instead, she espouses the philosophy of surrendering to the present, even when it feels unfair or tumultuous. Through this surrender, she believes, the terrain for growth, playfulness, and authentic living unfolds, while dreams find a fertile ground to flourish.

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An earlier chapter in this melodic narrative was etched with the organic dark-disco notes of “Stop Dreaming,” a poignant track released in May. Now, “Surrender” picks up the baton, carrying the torch of bittersweet storytelling. It’s a seamless progression, a harmonic interlude that feels inevitable. “Stop Dreaming” garnered global acclaim, embraced by over 20 blogs and media outlets spanning the world map.

As summer’s embrace lingers and autumn waits in the wings, the journey completes with “Baby’s Still Asleep,” the final opus of the trilogy, due to be unveiled on September 13th. And as if to punctuate this triumphant musical endeavor, Astrid Cordes embarks on a nationwide expedition across Denmark, a tour that will weave her melodies into the cultural tapestry of the nation.

Astrid Cordes’ music isn’t merely a collection of notes and lyrics; it’s a mirror to life’s profound paradoxes, a celebration of transformation, and an exploration of the intricate threads that bind us all. In her artistry, she reveals the mosaic of existence, refracted through the prism of motherhood, and invites us to embark on a melodic journey of shared experience.


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