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In a world awash with chaos and uncertainty, sometimes all we need is a serene soundscape to find solace. Allman Brown, the maestro of tranquil alt-pop, serves up a musical balm with his latest creation, “Breathe In, Breathe Out.” The track gently cradles you in balmy beats and blissful vocals, offering a respite from the maelstrom of life.

As Brown himself describes it, “It’s a song about reassurance and being the safe harbour for someone in distress. It has a gentle groove to it that mirrors the theme of being calm for someone. It’s a soothing song in a soothing style ultimately.”

With its pacifying percussion and a heartwarming message at its core, each verse of “Breathe In, Breathe Out” washes over you like the gentle ebb and flow of ocean tides against a serene shore. It’s a musical embrace that wraps around your soul, providing a much-needed sense of tranquillity.

This enchanting release follows hot on the heels of his recent single, “Bewildered,” and signals Brown’s progress as he meticulously crafts his third full-length album. And, as if that’s not enough to get excited about, an upcoming EP slated for this winter is on the horizon, promising even more sonic gems from this gifted artist.

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Allman Brown’s musical journey began in Hong Kong, where he was born and raised before making his way to the bustling streets of London at the tender age of 11. He introduced himself to the world with the hit single “Sons & Daughters” alongside the talented Liz Lawrence in 2013. The track quickly became a Spotify sensation, amassing over 10 million streams worldwide and gracing the soundtracks of beloved TV shows like Love Island, Suits, and Made In Chelsea.

His debut album, ‘1000 Years,’ dropped in 2017 and garnered widespread acclaim for its tender balladry and folk-fueled pop, drawing inspiration from musical luminaries such as Bon Iver, Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon, and Feist. Following this success, ‘Darling, It’ll Be Alright’ graced our ears in 2019, cementing Allman Brown’s status as a musical storyteller of exceptional talent.

As we eagerly anticipate what’s next from this musical luminary, “Breathe In, Breathe Out” is a testament to his ability to create sonic sanctuaries that beckon us to find peace amid the chaos. So, let Allman Brown’s soothing melodies be your guiding light as we journey toward his forthcoming long-player, one note at a time.

Performing new material and older favourites, Allman Brown will be embarking on a tour of Ireland with Seba Safe in October. Catch him at these venues as follows:
7 Oct – GALWAY – Monroes Live
8 Oct – LIMERICK – Upstairs at Dolans
15 Oct – DUBLIN – Whelans


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