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In the scorching summer of 2022, August Fogh embarked on an unconventional sonic pilgrimage, retreating to a humble caravan nestled on Denmark’s most remote island, Anholt. For two sweltering months, this intrepid artist, under the moniker GUZO, toiled in the searing heat of a DIY studio, where his musical metamorphosis began.

From this crucible of creativity emerges GUZO’s debut single, ‘Radical,’ shattering the sound barrier with a towering 194-centimeter frame brimming with musicality and audacious playfulness. ‘Radical’ defies categorization, a hybrid concoction that marries the ethereal vibes of 070 Shake, the introspective depths of Bon Iver, and the discordant guitar riffs reminiscent of 90s grunge. August, with his soulful and distinctive vocals at the helm, effortlessly traverses the musical terrain, forging a hard-hitting anthem that encapsulates the wild, unfiltered emotional maelstrom that accompanies radical love.

At a mere 26 years of age, this independent artist is on a meteoric ascent. August Fogh has become one of Denmark’s most coveted songsmiths, leaving his creative fingerprint on the latest offerings from revered Danish musicians such as ArtigeArdit x Lamin, Goss, Jada, Saint Clara, and Phlake.

‘Radical’ is set to drop on October 13th, courtesy of August’s very own record label, ‘big dog records,’ in collaboration with Stellar Trigger, a production force behind the likes of Joji, Omar Apollo, and SZA. This sonic masterpiece takes shape through the harmonious partnership with Simon Kjær, an integral figure from the indie-pop ensemble, CHINAH.

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Excitement mounts as the world awaits the birth of GUZO’s debut album, currently incubating in the creative crucible. Stay tuned for an auditory adventure that promises to defy expectations and embrace boundless sonic exploration.


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