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Edith’s musical journey started at a tender age, with vivid recollections of her and her uncle harmonising to the timeless tunes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones on their way home from school. This early immersion in the classics set the stage for her musical aspirations.

By the age of 10, Edith had already delved into songwriting and picked up the guitar. Her track, “Don’t Want to Think,” received resounding praise from the likes of Euphoria Magazine and Celebmix, setting the stage for her promising career. Music quickly became Edith’s refuge, a means to navigate the tumultuous waters of life and emotions.

At the astonishing age of 14, Edith transitioned from recording songs in her childhood bedroom to stepping into a London studio to record her debut track. In 2019, she unveiled her first official record, a self-titled EP, crafted in collaboration with The Sonic Crew. Among its gems, “Don’t Want to Think” shone brightly and garnered acclaim from Euphoria Magazine and Celebmix.

In September 2020, Edith expanded her fan base with her second EP, “Promises,” featuring beloved tracks like “No Matter What You Do” and “I Kinda Liked You.”

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As an independent artist, Edith drew significant recognition following the release of her single, “Over It,” in February 2020. During the lockdown period, Edith harnessed her creative energies to craft her debut album, a collection of 18 tracks chronicling her experiences between the ages of 20 and 23. These songs, which had remained a well-kept secret on her phone for two years, are Edith’s candid expression of raw emotions, unburdened by the need for context. They are a testament to the power of music to connect people through shared feelings and experiences.

Edith’s upcoming album, “In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak,” is a profound exploration of the lessons learned during those formative years. It’s a testament to the healing power of music and its ability to convey complex emotions. One standout track, “21,” was born from a simple text message, illustrating Edith’s unique approach to songwriting.

The highly anticipated “In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak” is out now, promising an emotional journey for her eager fans. In 2021, Edith graced numerous London grassroots venues with her live performances, from The Notting Hill Arts Club to The Fiddlers Elbow and Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. Looking ahead, she’s planning a special gig in London later this year to commemorate the release of her debut album.

In the world of music, Edith is a rising star whose ability to translate her personal experiences into heartfelt melodies resonates deeply with her audience, a testament to the universal language of music.


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