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Bangkok-based alt-indie sensation, Wicked Lights, has reemerged with their latest single, “The Underlying,” extracted from their brand-new EP ‘Have A Nice Dream,’ which is available now for your listening pleasure. The creative genius behind the project, Two Charuson, takes the helm as the frontman, channelling his stories and confessions with unapologetic, unfiltered honesty.

In “The Underlying,” Two Charuson continues his journey into the realm of soulful and quietly intense songwriting. This time, he’s joined by acclaimed drummer Aaron Sterling, whose impressive résumé boasts names like John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus, and Fiona Apple. The track features a melodically romantic groove that’s sweetly adorned with the delicate prettiness of acoustic textures. However, beneath this musical charm lies the cryptic complexity of the lyrics, worthy of close examination in their own right.

The accompanying video, styled in a verité fashion, serves as a visual reflection of the yearnings and connections we all crave and cherish. It’s a reminder that, even during a pandemic, when much has been taken away from us, the joys in life still await our discovery. Two Charuson elaborates, “I wrote this song to remind the listener, and even myself, that the joys in life are still out there, and we should not lose our sense of curiosity. Not having travelled anywhere for three years and then starting another journey was so liberating. The biggest joy for me is to connect with a total stranger, renewing the senses, just like how creating music is. Life is uncertain for everyone, and even the best of us can forget our values and philosophies if we stay still for too long. Everything around us changes every second. When you travel, you are constantly moving, seeking, absorbing, and connecting with people and places. To me, that is the underlying.”

Wicked Lights, helmed by Two Charuson, has dedicated three decades to honing their craft, mastering various instruments along the way to craft their songs. Born in Thailand but educated privately in the British countryside, Two’s early exposure to a foreign culture represented a profound culture shock. Still, it also unveiled a new world musically. Forced to attend church, he learned traditional hymns and adapted to British cultural influences. Eventually, he found solace in plucking a guitar and looked up to music legends like Eric Clapton, Prince, Jeff Tweedy, Neil Young, Elliott Smith, Radiohead, and Joy Division.

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The music of Wicked Lights has evolved from these experiences, delving into themes of disillusionment, joy, love, sadness, courage, and playfulness. Today, Two resides and works in his native Bangkok, using his music to express the conflicts of identity shaped by his background while exploring the same conflicts in the cosmopolitan, increasingly uprooted Thai capital. Taking on most of the instrumental responsibilities himself, Two has crafted a musical style that stands out as unique and wholly personal, a rarity in the Asian musical landscape.

The new EP, ‘Have A Nice Dream,’ came to life in just a few weeks, with Two collaborating closely with his best friend and producer, Montonn Jira (known for his work with The Neptunes, Hugo, Slot Machine, Kenna, and as the Director of Wonderfruit Festival). The mastering duties were entrusted to John Davis, a seasoned pro who has worked with The Killers, Gorillaz, The xx, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and Blur, making for an EP that promises a mesmerizing sonic journey you won’t want to miss.


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