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Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress Alexz Johnson has unveiled her profoundly candid and emotionally resonant fifth studio album, ‘Seasons.’

In an introspective reflection on her music, Alexz shares, “Freedom is how I would define this musical season of my life. Mirroring the seasons, allowing them to be what they are, when they are. Just as life molds, breaks, takes, and gives, this album is a compilation of songs from my own seasons…death, birth, growth, and pain.” She elaborates that the album is a personal endeavor, crafted at home, with the aspiration that it becomes a source of solace for listeners amidst the varying climates of their emotions.

Photo by Jen Squires

Alexz’s artistic journey hasn’t been without its challenges. It wasn’t just the loss of two major record deals or a shelved album by Sony that shaped her, but the heartbreaking experience of losing a sister to cancer and giving birth to her children during a pandemic. These events propelled her to redefine her musical prowess without seeking external validation. “I created this album from home and hearth to heal my grief, heal my relationship with music, and regain the confidence to remember why I started doing this in the first place,” she affirms.

Hailing from both NYC and Toronto, Alexz Johnson stands as a rare and inspirational success story in the realm of independent artists. Beyond her soulful sound and passionate songwriting, her career has encompassed a significant presence in film and television, including notable roles in Disney’s ‘So Weird,’ ‘Instant Star,’ ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ and Hulu’s ‘Blue.’ Her portrayal of musician Jude Harrison on ‘Instant Star’ captivated audiences, paving the way for a strong, devoted international fanbase.

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Alexz’s journey as an artist has seen her overcoming obstacles, with remarkable support from her fans. Initiatives like raising $67k through Kickstarter for her ‘Skipping Stone EP,’ and subsequent successful crowdfunding for her album ‘Let ‘Em Eat Cake’ through PledgeMusic, have marked pivotal moments in her career. ‘Seasons,’ her much-anticipated fifth studio album, due out in April, is a product of her Patreon community’s unwavering backing. The album was written and recorded remotely during the pandemic in her home studio, with production and mixing by the Australian duo Paul Beard and James Lewis of Disruptive Entertainment.

Alexz Johnson’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering support of her fans. Her ability to independently carve a path in the music industry stands as an inspiring testament to the fusion of artistry and determination.


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