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In the vibrant landscape of music, few creators truly challenge the status quo with the fervour and innovation of Warrington’s very own RiTcH. Renowned for his ability to craft immersive and distinctive musical encounters, this singer-songwriter is a force pushing past the conventional bounds of music consumption. His latest single, “Big Dream,” not only serves as a testament to his unbounded creativity but also reveals a depth of introspection and unwavering optimism.

Drawing inspiration from pioneers like Tyler, the Creator, RiTcH isn’t just another artist — he’s a revelation. His musical expression dismantles the norms, leaving audiences captivated and craving more.

“Big Dream” isn’t just a song; it’s a narrative journey into the complexities of doomed relationships. RiTcH, armed with self-awareness, unfurls the tale of a former flame re-entering his life, seemingly enticed by his burgeoning music career. With a knowing nod, he embraces the superficial affection, chanting, “She comes back for the Big Dream,” laying bare the true motives behind the reunion.

The sonic tapestry of “Big Dream” mirrors RiTcH’s infectious energy, coupling signature vocal layers and harmonies against a raw fusion of guitars and synths. It’s a sonic elixir, a feel-good anthem that’s impossible to resist.

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But RiTcH isn’t content with a mere release; he curates an entire universe around his music. Accompanied by thought-provoking artwork, the song’s narrative gains new dimensions. At first glance, the artwork might seem like a collage of RiTcH’s face, but upon closer inspection, a hidden 3D image emerges, a stereogram waiting to be unlocked by the perceptive eye.

The accompanying music video is a mesmerizing journey through RiTcH’s envisioned future in music. A seemingly infinite zoom traverses layers upon layers, gradually revealing hidden scenes. Each viewing uncovers new Easter eggs, inviting viewers to unravel the intricate layers of his artistry. RiTcH himself shares, “I love videos that reveal something new each time you watch. There are loads of hidden gems here—personal connections, and nods to my previous and future songs. It’s a lot to take in with just one viewing.”

RiTcH’s track record speaks volumes—he’s amassed streaming numbers in the hundreds of thousands, graced stages across the country, and was previously part of a band signed to a major label. It’s crystal clear that RiTcH is on the fast track to artistic stardom. Join the journey; you won’t want to miss a beat.


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