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In the realm of music, a tale unfolded unlike any other – that of a young girl raised in a home where music was forbidden.

Phildel Ng’s budding passion for music was confined to fleeting moments at the practice room piano and a solitary dance music CD clandestinely stashed in her school desk. Her childhood was dominated by an abusive, rigidly religious stepfather, from whom she only found liberation through a separation that severed ties with the rest of her family. Out of this turbulent experience emerged her 2013 album, ‘The Disappearance of the Girl’ – a hauntingly intimate collection of songs delving into the gothic fantasies that sustained her through a distressing period.

Despite being penned in isolation, Phildel’s compelling fusion of intense piano and electronica swiftly resonated with millions. Her music became a backdrop for advertisements by major brands like Apple, Verizon, and Marks & Spencer. Her track “Moonsea” secured the top spot in The International Songwriting Competition, “Beside You” earned her a Cannes Lion Trophy, and her song “Qi” amassed over 90 million streams.

Now, marking almost a decade since the release of ‘The Disappearance of the Girl,’ Phildel is gearing up to celebrate with a remix of “Storm Song,” crafted by the iconic DJ and Producer, Paul Sawyer. Excited about this collaboration, she shares, “I’m a huge fan of Paul Sawyer, and it’s been an incredible honour to collaborate with him and experience this epic reimagining of ‘Storm Song.’ It’s invigorating in its new iteration, and I’m eager to share it with the world.”

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