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Diving into Emma Lohan’s musical world is akin to experiencing beautiful ghostly swirls interwoven with elegant, sweet harmonies. The Irish Times rightfully lauds Lohan as a songwriter and performer who mesmerizes her audiences with her music and wicked sense of humour. Her performances, a one-woman spectacle employing loop stations and synths, evoke memories of Laurie Anderson’s avant-garde mastery and Rozi Plain’s enchanting melodies.

Formerly part of New Pope and Rivers & Crows, Lohan moved to London in 2015, embarking on her solo journey to record the widely acclaimed debut album “Black Atlantic.” The album garnered international success, earning accolades from Irish RTE Radio 1 to the prestigious airwaves of KCRW Radio in the US.

Following a whirlwind year of production and touring in the UK and Ireland in 2017, Lohan sought fresh inspiration on the idyllic island of Mallorca to craft her next musical endeavour, “The Fish and Bird Symphony.” It was here that she delved into the diverse Spanish music scene, collaborating with luminaries such as producer Sam Williams (known for Super Grass, The Go Team), Damien Rice, Leo Napier, and Oso Leone, and venturing into the realms of minimal techno alongside labels like Santacata Records and Planetary Instinct.

Mallorca became the breeding ground for Lohan’s musical evolution, where she ingeniously blended her Irish folk heritage with pulsating Balearic house beats, birthing her signature “Techno Folk” sound. Her creative process was an adventure in itself, encompassing experiences like learning African folk polyrhythms during travels from Morocco to The Gambia, and solo expeditions across the Sierra de Tramontana of Mallorca, translating the ambient sounds of nature into symphonic compositions.

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The artist’s journey took an exciting turn when her single “1957” was featured on the hit Netflix series “Everywhere Now,” starring the iconic Stephen Fry. This momentous occasion marks a homecoming for Emma Lohan, sparking her enthusiasm to return to Ireland and set forth on a thrilling musical odyssey, sharing her latest creations with fans old and new.


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