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At the end of the previous year, Eunice Keitan found herself grappling with the weight of burnout, encompassing challenges in both mental and physical health. Seeking reprieve and a reconnection with her creative spark, Eunice made the deliberate choice to spend an extended period in Colombia with her family.

Immersed in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Colombia, Eunice delved into the region’s traditional music, dedicating herself to mastering the intricate rhythms of the tambora and the emotive melodies of the marimba. This immersive experience played a pivotal role in shaping Eunice Keitan’s latest musical venture, “Cobalt Sea,” a piece seamlessly integrating the Bunde rhythm and the soul-stirring chonta marimba from the Pacific region.

The striking similarities between Colombian culture and various Southeast Asian communities resonated deeply with Eunice. The shared significance of oral traditions and the communal nature of daily life and music across these diverse cultures sparked her curiosity, prompting an exploration of blending South American and Southeast Asian musical elements within the neo-soul framework.

The result is a remarkable fusion of global sounds where the resonant tones of the marimba intertwine with the captivating melodies of gamelans. Poly-rhythms intricately weave a rich musical tapestry, while layered and lush harmonies find expression through the lyrical beauty of the Malay language. The phrase “Ombak Biru,” meaning “Blue Waves,” incorporated in the song draws from an ancient pantun, influencing the lyrical landscape.

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Lyrically, “Cobalt Sea” explores the profound challenges of preserving goodness in a world that often tempts toward bitterness and cynicism. The song delves into the fear of potential hurt while advocating for kindness as an active and resolute choice.

Through “Cobalt Sea,” Eunice Keitan aims to bridge seemingly distinct worlds, exploring shared emotions, traditions, and challenges that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.


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