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Prepare to be mesmerized by Takykardia’s latest sonic marvel, “Jaw Dance.” The Danish trio, led by the magnetic Luna Matz, known for their genre-fluid tunes, is unveiling a vibrant new single that explores the enigmatic realm of nightlife, specifically delving into the curious phenomenon of “coke-jaw.”

Luna Matz sheds light on the track’s essence, explaining, “The lyrics reflect the discomfort I experience when interacting with someone under the influence of cocaine while I’m sober, especially if it’s someone I typically enjoy being around or find attractive.” It’s an introspective dive into the clash between personal preferences and social scenarios, where the dancer’s energetic jaw movements fueled by stimulants challenge the dynamics of the moment.

With “Jaw Dance,” Takykardia takes a bold step in a new direction, blending Troels Dankert’s thunderous drum patterns with David Nedergaard’s playful synths and piano, creating a vibrant tapestry. Luna’s vocals effortlessly traverse between melodic phrasing and punctuated bars, crafting an unapologetic pop anthem that refuses to compromise.

The single is expertly produced by the acclaimed Danish producer, Anders Boll, whose previous works with artists such as Lowly, Goss, Ganger, and Efterklang have garnered significant acclaim.

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Luna Matz reflects on the band’s evolving energy, stating, “The Taky-energy is explosive and pop star-like. Our only constraint is our imagination, and as a collective, we strive to evolve and remain curious about what transformations lie ahead.”

Takykardia has previously received accolades from notable Danish music magazines such as GAFFA and Soundvenue, earning a Critic Choice Awards nomination as “Hope of the Year” at Steppeulven 2021. Their international acclaim from platforms like Earmilk, Kaltblut, DMY, and VICE, coupled with radio support from BBC Radio 6, Worldwide FM, and Rinse FM, demonstrates their potential far beyond Denmark’s borders. “Jaw Dance” is poised to propel Takykardia further into the global spotlight in 2024, hinting at more groundbreaking releases in the near future.


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