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In the dynamic realm of entertainment, the convergence of diverse talents can give rise to something truly exceptional. Danish model and actress Perille Andersen and British producer, musician John Garrison have embarked on a unique journey, uniting their individual paths to form the pop duo GlassEar. Their latest release, a reworked version of the Kraftwerk classic ‘The Model,’ not only showcases their musical prowess but delves into the complexities of power dynamics in a post #metoo world.

Recorded in the sacred ambiance of a London church, GlassEar’s rendition of ‘The Model’ is a testament to their commitment to artistic innovation. Enriched with live strings and choir, the track emanates a staunch yet troubled beauty, echoing the empowered essence of the original German lyrics penned in 1978: ‘Sie kommt niemand ran’ – No one can get to her. The reinterpretation not only pays homage to the iconic Kraftwerk but also breathes new life into the timeless classic.

Complementing the profound musicality is GlassEar’s bold decision to accompany the release with a thought-provoking video. The visuals aim to unravel the intricate tapestry of power dynamics, posing a fundamental question in the era post #metoo: Who is consuming who? The video becomes a canvas where the duo paints a narrative that challenges societal norms and prompts viewers to reconsider established perceptions of power.

In a world reshaped by the #metoo movement, GlassEar’s ‘The Model’ transcends being just a cover; it becomes a commentary on the evolving landscape of power dynamics and relationships. The track, along with its accompanying video, invites listeners to introspect and engages them in a dialogue about the intersection of art, culture, and societal shifts.

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GlassEar’s reimagining of ‘The Model’ is more than a musical collaboration; it’s a bold statement, a harmonious blend of artistry and social commentary. In the nexus of Perille Andersen’s modeling finesse and John Garrison’s musical prowess, GlassEar emerges not just as a pop duo but as cultural architects, shaping conversations that transcend the boundaries of traditional entertainment. As they continue to navigate the post #metoo landscape, GlassEar invites us to reconsider, reflect, and engage with the profound questions posed by their music and visuals.


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