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Meet Leo, a Singer/Producer hailing from Kent, whose musical journey is a tapestry woven with inspiration from iconic bands like Radiohead, Blur, and The Strokes, coupled with the profound influence of artists such as Jeff Buckley.

For a deeper dive into Leo’s persona, you can explore his Groover bio. However, Leo is here seeking candid feedback on his latest track and is open to potential exposure, networking, and career opportunities for those who resonate with his sound.

Among the gems in Leo’s repertoire, “Country Star” stands out as a fan favourite from his debut album. Leo believes it not only captures the hearts of most listeners but also serves as a showcase of his prowess as a songwriter. Despite holding a degree in Production, Leo proudly identifies as a singer above all.

If “Country Star” piques your interest and you’re eager for more, Leo recommends checking out “Where Do I Begin?”—arguably the second most succinct track on his album. So, dive into Leo’s sonic realm, and if the melody strikes a chord, there’s a wealth of musical treasures awaiting your exploration.

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