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Hailing from Austria and now making his home in England, Trickster is more than just a musician – he’s a living testament to resilience, with a life story as captivating as the melodies he weaves. His journey from a fractured family and a turbulent childhood to global triumphs and trials is a narrative of unwavering determination and remarkable transformation.

At a mere 10 years old, Trickster set out on a daring quest to reunite his estranged parents, marking the beginning of a life defined by audacity and ambition. Despite initial rejection from music school, and doubting his talent, his passion for music remained unshakeable. Mastering the piano from the tender age of 3, he found himself performing in strip clubs by the time he turned 16.

Trickster’s life took unexpected turns, including encounters with the law and a stint in prison at 18 due to financial missteps. Yet, these setbacks didn’t confine him. He became a polyglot, fluent in an impressive 11 languages, and even ventured into roles as a pilot and a soldier. Across his extraordinary journey spanning 97 countries, he left an indelible mark wherever he roamed.

Amidst highs and lows, Trickster’s dedication to charitable causes remained unwavering. His success in high-risk oil and gas transactions in Latin America provided an avenue for making a difference. Nearly half of his income was generously donated to those in need, actively supporting charitable events.

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The pivotal moment in Trickster’s life arrived in a harrowing car accident in South France in 2017, depicted in his latest single ‘Still Kicking’. The blaze consumed all his physical assets, crucial evidence for his work, leading to an unjust altercation with the law. Astonishingly, he emerged unscathed, defying all odds, leaving authorities and witnesses in disbelief.

“I don’t know how, I don’t know why, there must be a reason why I didn’t die.
I can’t pretend, it doesn’t make sense, somehow I’m still kicking it for one more night”

This life-altering experience further solidified Trickster’s belief in the power of gratitude and resilience. Embracing a profound connection with nature and mountains, he pledges to support nature-related projects through his musical success. In the upcoming year, Trickster aims to establish the UK’s largest talent factory, offering crucial guidance to young individuals who, like him, lacked support during their formative years.

Trickster’s musical odyssey embodies an indomitable spirit and the transformative force of music. Through his fusion of resilience, adventure, and philanthropy, he is poised to enthral global audiences with both his extraordinary narrative and the harmonies he creates.

Produced by Guy Chambers (known for his work with Robbie Williams), Richard Flack, and Trickster himself, ‘Still Kicking’ was released on Trickster Recordings through Absolute on Friday 19th May. It’s just the first glimpse into the diverse array of recordings detailing the vivid life of Trickster.


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