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Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Brooklyn, NYC, GoodNight the Satellite is not your typical synth-pop project. Their unique sound effortlessly blurs the lines between the nostalgic tones of the 80s and the contemporary musical ethos, resulting in tracks that radiate a modern pop vibe tinged with a delightful retro flavour.

At the helm of this sonic adventure is frontman Sam Nulton, whose musical journey includes performances with professional cappella groups and even a stint competing at the World Whistling Championship (yes, it’s a real thing!). Nulton’s expertise lies in crafting nuanced harmonies, a skill that takes centre stage in this project. His mission? To infuse the sound of GoodNight the Satellite with beautifully woven vocal layers that seamlessly meld with unyielding synth tones.

For their live performances, Nulton sought collaboration with various New York City musicians, each adding a distinctive touch to the ethereal soundscape of GoodNight the Satellite. The culmination of their efforts culminates in the group’s debut album, aptly titled “Poptimism.”

Speaking about the album, frontman and producer Sam Nulton describes “Poptimism” as an uplifting dream-pop synth record. The album boasts a diverse range, from reimagined covers to original tracks and short interludes referred to as ‘songbites.’ There’s even a lighthearted track rounding off this musical journey. Nulton’s inspiration for the album title stemmed from a Spotify year-in-review, labelling his top genre as “Indie Poptimism,” a description that perfectly encapsulates his musical taste and, consequently, the essence of this album.

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Among the album’s highlights is the rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You,” a song that inherently delves into the theme of a broken individual. However, within the album’s context, it emerges as one of the brightest and most upbeat tracks. Nulton took the lead in crafting most of the album himself, although several tracks feature incredible musicians, creating a blend of studio production and vibrant live performances, as exemplified in the vivid reimagining of “Fix You.”

With “Poptimism,” GoodNight the Satellite embarks on a musical journey that seamlessly fuses past and present, offering an uplifting and dynamic experience that is as nostalgic as it is refreshingly modern.


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