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Glasgow’s dynamic post-punk collective, Poster Club, storms back into the scene with their latest churning college rock anthem, “Shared Circumstances.” This track serves as the initial tantalizing taste from their upcoming EP, ‘Deterioration Part II’.

With ‘Shared Circumstances’, the four-piece takes a subconscious look back at their formative teenage years and the journey to adulthood. This introspection resonates within the sound itself, as the energetic guitars take on an angsty and dissonant tone, while loose, bouncy drums transform into a tight and aggressive rhythm.

Expanding on the catchy, pop-infused essence of ‘Deterioration Part I’, Poster Club steps into a more mature post-punk realm with ‘Shared Circumstances’. The tight, aggressive rhythms bring to mind the likes of PUP, while the wobbly stoner rock sections could easily be mistaken for early Modest Mouse.

Recorded under the guidance of Paul McInally (45 A-Side Recordings), ‘Shared Circumstances’ promises to be an electrifying live experience. The track steadily escalates in energy, only to abruptly conclude, leaving a palpable sense of unresolved tension.

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The band’s debut EP, ‘Deterioration Part I’, released in May 2023, received acclaim on BBC Introducing Scotland. Poster Club seamlessly navigates the musical landscape, blending elements of punk, new wave, goth, and dance music to create a genre-defying sonic palette that feels both genuine and nostalgically captivating.

In their own words, the band shares, “The track delves into the ‘shared circumstances’ of finding belonging within our alternative sub-culture groups while feeling like misfits within the popular crowd.”

“The verses exude a carefree bounce, reminiscent of the fun shared within our tight-knit community bonded by a love for punk and alternative music. On the flip side, the pre-chorus and chorus reflect a more angsty and aggressive tone, echoing our emotions towards the treatment we received from the mainstream ‘in-crowd’ as ‘super freaks’.”

Poster Club’s ‘Shared Circumstances’ is a sonic expedition that not only echoes the struggles of finding identity but also pulsates with the raw energy of self-discovery and defiance against conformity. This track is a must-listen for anyone seeking a vibrant musical journey through the complexities of adolescence and the perennial search for acceptance.


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