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Hailing from Enfield, UK, Serena Ittoo stands as a beacon, using her music to navigate the intricate tapestry of human emotions, reflecting the universal experiences we all encounter in our daily lives. Her music champions authenticity, emphasizing the significance of embracing our unique selves, both in her artistry and personal connections.

In her debut single, “Nature Foreseen,” Serena delves into the emotional spectrum, offering a heartfelt ode to anyone who has felt the sting of unworthiness or a lack of acceptance from someone they deeply love. She candidly shares,

“The song portrays the vulnerable emotions of feeling judged or unaccepted for things beyond one’s control, despite unconditional love for that person.”

The narrative unravels the protagonist’s unwavering love juxtaposed with a lack of reciprocation, focusing on the uncontrollable aspects that the other person fixates upon, causing distance and a sense of diminished self-worth for the protagonist.

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Collaborating with Grammy award-winning music Producer/Engineer Aamir Yaqub and Marcus Maschwitz on the upcoming official music video, “Nature Foreseen” marks Serena’s foray into exploring the intricate threads of human emotions. The song emanates an ethereal quality, with soul-stirring vocals and lyrics rich in imagery, analogies, and metaphors, painting a vivid sonic landscape that resonates deeply with hearts globally.

Photo credit: Marcus Maschwitz

Beyond her musical endeavours, Serena serves as a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, aiming to assist others in realizing their full potential. Her song, “Nature Foreseen,” culminates powerfully as the protagonist reclaims their strength, choosing self-worth and self-love. Serena expresses, “When you deeply love someone, it’s easy to lose sight of your own value. However, in situations where love isn’t freely reciprocated, it leads to self-doubt. We need to reclaim our self-love, not relying on others for validation.”

Serena’s dedication to her craft has led her to remarkable opportunities, including writing and performing an original song at Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home. Collaborations with renowned songwriters like Grammy winner Gary Nicholson and Grammy nominee Beth Neilson Chapman in Texas underscore her commitment to musical excellence.

Journey into Serena Ittoo’s musical realm and uncover melodies that resonate beyond language and cultural boundaries. Her songs serve as an anthem, inspiring listeners to embrace their individuality and acknowledge the shared experiences that unite us all.


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