Valentina Unveils “Deadweight”: A Synth-Pop Elegy

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Valentina, recognized for her past work with Hot Chip and Kano, unveils “Deadweight,” the second single from her forthcoming EP, “All Are Lost,” scheduled for release this December.

“Deadweight” introduces listeners to Valentina’s entrancing vocals intertwined with electronic drums and synths that conjure a dreamlike atmosphere. The chorus shines with glimmering pads while the synth bass harmonizes with the vocal rhythm. The track’s instrumentation orbits around a recurring key pulse, offering a motif that resonates deeply with the listener.

Valentina reflects on the genesis of the track, sharing, “The keys were the initial spark for this track, and their wobbly, unstable essence matched my emotional state. Despite this, there’s an underlying hopefulness embedded in the song, tucked within the music’s feeling. I love its summery vibe—light, almost playful and poppy, contrasting against the song’s darker subject matter.”

Music has long served as Valentina’s outlet for emotional expression, particularly during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The single was crafted during a road trip, a period that allowed Valentina to ponder her emotions, especially those entangled with the people around her.

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“This track was penned in LA during my stay with a friend, using their studio. The trip emerged in the wake of the Covid pandemic, a time marked by collective and personal turmoil. I grappled with moments of real despair and battled dark thoughts that truly frightened me. This song encapsulates that period. I wrote it swiftly, in one sitting, but I’ve lived with it for some time. There’s an isolation within it, reflecting the feelings when one is at a low point. It also touches on the notion of not wanting to burden others, feeling like you have very little to offer, even to those you most wish to support.” – Valentina

A multi-faceted artist and accomplished vocalist, Valentina has collaborated with heavyweight names in the UK music scene, including Kano, Lil Silva, Hot Chip, and Kindness. Her work with Joe Goddard, particularly the highly acclaimed single ‘Gabriel,’ showcases her prowess as a songwriter and performer, cementing her status as a standout artist in the music industry.

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