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Weeper, a musical fusion forged from diverse origins, unites Mary Craig, hailing from Washington D.C., with José Sanchez and Agustina Perrotta, representing varied corners of Argentina. Their serendipitous encounter and shared admiration for their respective homeland’s folk music, drawing inspiration from Neil Young and Jaime Torres, laid the groundwork for their collaboration. In 2016, Mary, armed with a grant to teach English, crossed paths with guitarist and producer José after purchasing an electric guitar from his brother, ultimately birthing the formation of Weeper.

Their latest album, “WEEPER,” recently released on Ghost Mountain Records, embodies the resonance of cross-cultural musical conversations, threading the past and future into a vibrant tapestry. It seamlessly navigates between the intimate depths of singer-songwriter storytelling and the energetic pulse of a rock band. Weeper fluidly transitions between English and Spanish, encapsulating a spectrum of emotions—laughter, tears, and the unspoken. Their music embodies a willingness to move and be moved.

Mary delves into the essence of “WEEPER,” expressing, “The album centres on exploring the concept of being a friend to oneself. Weeper, as a band, has discovered its identity through the creation of this album, and at its core, there’s a profound camaraderie among us, much like many other bands.”

In conjunction with the album release, Weeper unveils the “Spring version” of their video single, “Hard Friend.” This version accentuates the band’s dual heritage, celebrating their ties to both Argentina and the United States. Mary elucidates, “Weeper’s essence lies in the convergence of these two places. We wanted to capture the essence of both locales in the music videos, hence the Spring version, offering Spanish subtitles for Argentina and the Fall version with English subtitles for the States. Our music belongs to both worlds.”

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Weeper extends an invitation to their audience to partake in the cultural amalgamation woven into their music, a celebration of friendship reverberating throughout the “WEEPER” LP. Join the band on their journey as they bridge cultures through the universal language of music.


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