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There exists a maestro who effortlessly weaves together the threads of funk, soul, disco, jazz, and bossa nova, creating a tapestry of timeless pop flavours. Meet Eric – a virtuoso, a producer, an arranger, and a multi-instrumentalist whose love for music knows no bounds.

At the heart of Eric’s musical journey lies a profound connection with vintage keyboard tones. His fingers dance across the keys, conjuring a smooth sound that resonates with the soul. It’s a sound that pays homage to the classics, echoing the sentiments of old school funk and soul. As a keyboardist, Eric crafts melodies that transcend time, transporting listeners to a sonic paradise.

Photo: Darius Montel Buckley

But Eric’s rhythmic prowess is not confined to the keyboard alone. His journey began behind the drum kit, where the heartbeat of his musical expression took shape. The rhythmic nuances in his compositions reflect a lifetime spent mastering the art of drumming. It’s a style that adds a distinctive groove to his creations, making them irresistible to the discerning ear.

The story of Eric’s musical evolution is one of self-discovery and dedication. From his early teens, he delved into the world of recording, picking up not only the saxophone but also the bass and guitar along the way. A self-taught prodigy, he dedicated countless hours daily to his passion for playing instruments, honing his skills in local blues-rock and funk groups, as well as jazz and Latin ensembles.

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Today, Eric stands as a music educator, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring talents. His focus has shifted towards collaboration with other artists, driven by an unwavering passion for production. Whether he’s crafting intricate jazz compositions or infusing funk into pop, Eric’s musical journey is a testament to the boundless possibilities of creative expression.

So, whether you’re a seasoned jazz enthusiast or someone just discovering the allure of funky pop, Eric’s musical offerings promise an immersive experience. Join him on this sonic journey, where every note tells a story, and every rhythm invites you to dance to the beat of timeless creativity.


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