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Life’s journey is marked by a series of transformative experiences that shape our identities. For the artist, these moments, from early menopause to breaches of trust and failed friendships, have paved the way for a new chapter. With an optimistic aura reminiscent of youthful days, she is set to release her debut solo album in April. The album serves as a nostalgic ode to her teenage self, unearthing a bold and unironically emotional essence that often gets lost in the complexities of adult life.

In the upcoming album, there’s a distinct timeless vibe that permeates each of the ten tracks. It’s a voice echoing with a sense of defiance and resilience, much like the spirit we all possessed in our youth. This revival of her teenage self is a bold move, breaking free from the constraints of mundane responsibilities and rediscovering the unbridled emotions often buried beneath the surface.

The album’s opener, “You Make me Forget,” sets the tone for Finsterbusch’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The artist unequivocally declares her autonomy, proclaiming, “Don’t tell me what to do now.” The lyrics, framed by the rhythmic beats of an electronic snare and a lively electric guitar, showcase Finsterbusch’s commanding vocal presence. As the song progresses, her voice navigates through a dense thicket of synths, echoing the sentiment of moving forward with no regrets: “No, I don’t look back.” The crescendo at the end envelops the listener in a booming and glowing soundscape, a fitting metaphor for the artist’s bold embrace of the present.

Finsterbusch’s debut solo album not only offers a fresh perspective on the present but also opens a door to the past. It invites listeners to reconnect with their teenage selves, unearthing a time when emotions were genuine, and bitterness had yet to taint the canvas of life. The album becomes a vessel that transports us to a space between shopping lists and work-life balance, where the essence of our revived teenage selves thrives.

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In the midst of life’s complexities, Finsterbusch’s debut solo album emerges as a musical journey that encourages listeners to embrace the here and now. Through a blend of powerful lyrics and captivating sounds, the artist invites us to rediscover the unfiltered emotions of our youth. As the album drops in April, it promises not just a collection of songs but a transformative experience—a reminder that, despite the challenges of adulthood, there’s always room for the unapologetic, unironic, and brave spirit of our teenage selves.


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