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In the realm of DIY-pop, Hanna Ögonsten emerges as a musical alchemist, weaving a sonic tapestry that transcends the conventional boundaries of electronic pop. Her latest anthemic creation, ‘Medicine,’ is not just a song; it’s a pulsating lifeline for those seeking solace from the tumultuous waves of love, akin to a potent drug that numbs the ache of heartbreak. So, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beats and let the captivating melodies of this Swedish virtuoso become your new sonic addiction.

Hanna Ögonsten’s musical odyssey traces back to her challenging childhood, where the guitar and piano became her refuge from the harsh realities of life in the suburbs of Åkersberga. Music wasn’t merely a pastime; it was a sanctuary of words, melodies, and soundscapes that allowed her to momentarily escape the struggles of a modest existence. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of music as a coping mechanism, a means to craft comforting stories in the midst of adversity.

Reflecting on her early experiences, Hanna Ögonsten shares, “Growing up, most of us have tried to distract ourselves, simply to escape from the unpleasant parts of life like parents fighting, death in the family, and other haunting nightmares. I used music to overcome these situations by writing a lyric or melody, creating a comforting story in my head.” With ‘Medicine,’ she delves into the darker side of distraction, exploring the precarious territory of obsessing over someone as a means to shield oneself from vulnerability.

The single, pulsating with drum’n’bass beats, ventures into uncharted territory, seamlessly blending glitchcore elements with alternative bedroom-pop vibes. It’s a musical concoction that not only pushes the boundaries of electronic pop but also serves as a canvas for Hanna Ögonsten’s sonic vision. Co-produced by the talented duo Carl Goldkuhl and David Kjellstrand, with a final touch from Paw Lagermann of the iconic Danish dance-duo, Infernal, ‘Medicine’ is a symphony of collaboration and creativity.

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Hanna Ögonsten’s musical prowess extends beyond her solo endeavors. Having attended the prestigious music schools Rytmus and Musikmakarna, and handpicked by none other than Martin Garrix for the JBL x Martin Garrix Music Academy in 2023, she stands as a luminary in the making. Moreover, in a thrilling revelation, fans can anticipate her featuring on four tracks of the upcoming album from the acclaimed Danish electronic trio, AV AV AV, set to be unveiled this February.

As you immerse yourself in the electronic soundscape of ‘Medicine,’ remember that Hanna Ögonsten’s journey is not just a story of personal resilience; it’s a testament to the universal language of music, transcending hardships and speaking directly to the heart. So, let the beats be your guide, and let the melodies be your refuge in this captivating musical journey crafted by the extraordinary talent that is Hanna Ögonsten.


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