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Indy Fontaine’s latest release, “Is This Love,” is a delightful treat, captivating listeners with its smooth and fresh rendition. Fontaine has truly made this beloved song her own, infusing it with her unique sound that leaves audiences craving more.

This rendition of “Is This Love” offers a seamless blend of easy-listening adult contemporary, incorporating elements of pop, soft rock, and R&B influences. Fontaine’s vocals shine brightly, delivering powerful and emotive performances that gradually intensify throughout the track.

The melody of the song is expertly carried by the rich tones of the piano, complemented by the sweet sounds of the electric guitar and supported by a subtle yet driving bass line, all tied together with smooth and chill percussion.

Fontaine’s talents extend beyond her vocal prowess, as she took the helm as both the recording artist and producer of this release, showcasing her skills in her very own Fontaine Records studio. Simultaneously, Fontaine unveiled a visually captivating music video on YouTube, further enhancing the auditory experience.

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Hailing from Havana, Cuba, Fontaine has recently found her artistic home in the vibrant music scene of Miami. “Is This Love” marks the third installment of an ambitious 11-song project slated for release in the first half of 2024, promising more musical gems to come.

Behind the scenes, Fontaine enlisted the expertise of sound engineer and co-producer Michael Fahey, alongside the mastering finesse of Pete Lyman from Infrasonic Sound, ensuring that every sonic detail is finely tuned to perfection.

With “Is This Love” now available for streaming and download on all major platforms, Fontaine continues to enchant audiences with her musical prowess, leaving a lasting impression with each soulful note.


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