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In the vast ocean of music, some vessels catch our attention not just for their sound but for the journey they promise. Fleabustiers, the cosmopolitan musical collective, has been charting its course since 2021, and now, they’re preparing to set sail into deeper waters with their much-anticipated debut album, “Time Can Wait,” out now.

After making waves with four attention-grabbing singles, including the memorable “Edge of the Town”, Fleabustiers took to the studio for an extended rendezvous, fine-tuning their craft, honing their sound, and weaving sonic tales that transcend borders. The result? A treasure trove of tracks that blend fresh compositions with reimagined favorites from their singles collection.

As a tantalising teaser of what’s to come, Fleabustiers presents an exclusive sneak peek: “Sinking Ship.” Recorded amidst the rolling hills of the UK and imbued with the sonic magic of Parisian mixing studios, this track boasts a distinctive allure, where musical prowess, artisanal care, and raw energy converge into a symphony for the senses.

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But “Sinking Ship” isn’t just another melody in the sea of releases. It’s a poignant reflection on the pressing climate crisis gripping our generation and a poignant commentary on the divisive binaries that threaten to engulf us. With poignant lyricism and captivating melodies, Fleabustiers invites listeners to navigate the turbulent waters of our time with empathy and understanding.

And the journey doesn’t end here. Fleabustiers extends an invitation to potential collaborators, be it distributors, labels, or synchronization licensing agents, to join them on their musical odyssey. For in the boundless expanse of creativity, there’s always room for partnerships to amplify the message and widen the audience.

So, as the countdown begins to the unveiling of “Time Can Wait,” let Fleabustiers be your guide through a sonic adventure like no other. Set your sails, tune your ears, and prepare to embark on a voyage where time truly can wait.


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