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Step into the enchanting world of NOANNE, where melodies are brushstrokes painting landscapes of emotion and perspective. Emerging gracefully from Prague, NOANNE captivates listeners with her introspective journey through music, theatre, film, and the intriguing realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In a realm dominated by conformity, NOANNE stands as a refreshing enigma, embracing her introverted nature as a source of inspiration. With each note and lyric, she unveils layers of her soul, inviting listeners into a realm of self-discovery and artistic expression.

Following her debut single “Goodwill,” NOANNE unveils the hauntingly beautiful “White Glove.” This mesmerizing track delves into the bittersweet tale of a fading love, where echoes of past vibrancy fade into somber reality. The removal of the white glove symbolises a daring challenge to norms, a theatrical plea for emotional confrontation.

Inspired by the artistic motifs of Marc Chagall, NOANNE paints a vivid narrative of love, enchantment, and sorrow. Much like Chagall’s ability to blend reality with fantasy, “White Glove” oscillates between dreamy nostalgia and stark truth, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a deeply personal journey.

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“White Glove” transcends mere music; it’s an invitation to explore raw emotions and create a sensory tapestry intertwined with NOANNE’s ethereal melodies. Step into this enchanting realm, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and let NOANNE guide you through the depths of human experience.


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