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Prepare for round two as James Harcourt steps back into the limelight with his sophomore contribution to Global Underground’s groundbreaking ‘Unique’ series. Following the electrifying success of his debut, ‘Cyclone,’ Harcourt takes listeners on a hauntingly different ride with his latest track, ‘Disintegration,’ showcasing a darker, more mechanical vibe in its production.

In ‘Disintegration,’ Harcourt’s mastery shines through, proving his prowess in crafting eclectic yet unmistakably signature sounds. The track effortlessly transitions from pulsating beats to brooding atmospheres, making it equally suitable for igniting dance floors or immersing listeners in a standalone sonic journey—a true testament to his expert production skills.

Hailing from the UK, James Harcourt brings a unique perspective to the electronic music scene, shaped by his diverse DNA and immersive experiences in London’s vibrant club culture. Since 2021, Harcourt’s distinctive sound has caught the ears of industry heavyweights like Tale Of Us, Sasha, Adriatique, Marino Canal, and John Digweed, with his tracks becoming staples in their DJ sets.

Described by Berlin producer Jepe as a creator of “beautiful compositions and imaginary voyages,” Harcourt draws inspiration from classic synthesizers and modern production techniques, resulting in a steady stream of acclaimed releases. Notable among them is “Beholden,” which garnered over a quarter-million Spotify streams and found a home in Tale Of Us’ sets for months. Additionally, his track “Refraction” dominated the Beatport Electronica top 10 for nearly two months, while “Bloom,” released on Adriatique’s Siamese label, earned a coveted spot in Spotify’s editorial playlist curated by Tale Of Us.

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James Harcourt’s journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft and his deep connection to the transformative power of music—an odyssey marked by constant growth, fueled by passion, and illuminated by his unique sonic vision.


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