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Get ready to immerse yourself in the dreamy world of IVERSEN as they drop the captivating visuals for their latest single, ‘Amsterdam.’ A heartfelt ode to the experience of navigating the streets of a foreign city, this idealist-pop gem takes listeners on a journey through the labyrinthine canals of Amsterdam, where moments of solitude blend seamlessly with the warmth of friendship and contemplation of the future.

Penned by bandmate Josh Iverson, ‘Amsterdam’ is a poignant reflection of co-songwriter Jonathan Royall’s stag do in the Dutch capital, transformed into poetic lyricism by Iverson’s confessional songwriting. The accompanying video, a charmingly DIY creation, is a testament to the band’s creativity and resourcefulness. Filmed, animated, and edited by Iverson himself, the video playfully acknowledges its modest budget, featuring the band against the backdrop of Hackney’s canals as a nod to the song’s namesake.

Musically, ‘Amsterdam’ weaves a mesmerising tapestry of icy guitars, lush pads, and subtle nods to 80’s synth experimentalism, evoking the sophisticated pop sensibilities of bands like Prefab Sprout. As the track unfolds, it builds into a crescendo of dreamy atmospheres, filtered saxophone, and cathartic release, showcasing Iverson’s contemporary perspective on memories and emotions.

Speaking about the song, Iverson shares, “This song is for Jonny—an appreciation of him as a friend and collaborator. So many of our tracks have a romantic slant, but one of the most important things to me is the friendships in my life. I wanted to channel my love for him in this track.”

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Dive into the mesmerising world of IVERSEN and let ‘Amsterdam’ whisk you away on a sonic adventure filled with introspection, camaraderie, and boundless musical exploration.


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