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Introducing the enigmatic universe of Telyscopes, where every album release is akin to unwrapping a mysterious gift, each layer revealing a new facet of their eclectic sonic landscape. At the helm of this sonic expedition is the polymathic Jack Hubbell, a master of musical metamorphosis and the architect behind Telyscopes’ ever-shifting soundscapes.

Since their inception in 2012, Telyscopes has been on a relentless journey of reinvention, morphing with each album release like a chameleon changing its colors. Jack Hubbell, the driving force behind the project, dons multiple hats as a multi-instrumentalist, a relentless innovator, and a fearless explorer of sonic territories. With each evolution, Telyscopes sheds its old skin to reveal a new form, incorporating elements of lo-fi psychedelia, whimsical chamber pop, jazzy interludes, avant-garde experiments, and electronica into its sonic arsenal.

Yet amidst this whirlwind of musical experimentation, there remains a constant: Hubbell’s idiosyncratic lyrical universe and an uncanny knack for crafting infectious melodies. Collaborators come and go, but the essence of Telyscopes remains untainted, anchored by its off-kilter lyrics and irresistible hooks.

In the realm of Philadelphia’s indie scene, Telyscopes stands out not for conformity but for its sheer audacity to defy conventions. It’s a musical odyssey where the unexpected becomes the norm, and where the boundaries of genre are blurred beyond recognition. To experience Telyscopes is to embark on a sonic adventure unlike any other—a journey where ingenuity reigns supreme and the ordinary is left far behind.

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