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Introducing FALS, the alter ego of Eric Fallander, a creative chameleon who morphed from Stockholm music journalist to wordsmith extraordinaire. When the world was ensnared in the perplexing grip of the pandemic, while others fumbled with puzzles and hunted for elusive toilet paper, Eric embarked on a journey of musical rediscovery.

Amidst the chaos, he dusted off his faithful guitar, long relegated to the realm of lullabies and songbook sessions. What emerged from his fingertips were not mere melodies, but a collection of twelve soul-stirring narratives. These weren’t just songs; they were poignant tales woven from the threads of love and loss, tracing the winding roads of European highways and the alleys of memory.

In each chord and lyric, Eric painted vivid scenes of life’s highs and lows – from the dizzying heights of euphoria fueled by pills and booze to the tender moments of connection and reflection. Through FALS, Eric invites us on a sonic voyage, where every note carries the weight of experience and every verse resonates with the echoes of shared humanity.

So, buckle up and join FALS on this musical odyssey through the heart and soul of Europe, where the road may twist and turn, but the melodies remain a timeless companion on the journey of life.

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