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Ahoy, music aficionados! Let me regale you with the tale of Fleabustiers, a musical collective born from the tumultuous waves of the pandemic, when touring musicians found themselves grounded. But from this stillness emerged a dynamic force, Fleabustiers, with its ever-changing formation, drawing in talents and experiences from all corners of the globe.

Since its inception in 2021, Fleabustiers has been weaving a tapestry of sounds, releasing four singles that have captivated the ears of listeners far and wide. But 2023 marked a turning point – a call to ascend to greater heights. Months of tireless dedication, from writing to recording, tinkering to tweaking, and collaborating with recording maestros, have culminated in the announcement of their forthcoming album, “Time Can Wait,” set to grace the airwaves in early 2024.

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“We’ve embarked on a journey of discovery since our single ‘Edge of the Town’ back in February 2022,” reflects the collective. “And now, we believe we’ve crafted a truly formidable album. It’s a blend of fresh compositions and enhanced renditions of our previous singles, a testament to our growth and evolution.”

But why wait for the album’s full release to indulge your musical palate? Behold, an exclusive preview: “Sinking Ship.” Recorded amidst the rolling hills of the UK and mixed in the romantic ambiance of Paris, this track boasts a unique allure, where musical prowess, craftsmanship, and raw energy intertwine in harmony.

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Yet, “Sinking Ship” is more than just a melody; it’s a profound reflection of our times. It speaks to the urgency of the climate crisis and the divisive nature of our discourse, urging us to navigate through the stormy seas of complexity with unity and empathy.

So, dear listeners, brace yourselves for an auditory adventure like no other. Fleabustiers invites you to join them on this eclectic journey, where every note is a testament to diversity, every chord a celebration of the unexpected, and every beat an unapologetic declaration of artistic freedom. Let the countdown to “Time Can Wait” begin, but let the music never cease!


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