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Middle Part, under the artistic guise of Andy Selkōw, emerges as a torchbearer of emotional resonance within the cacophony of contemporary music. His debut album, “Disruptor,” is a testament to the collision of raw sentimentality and infectious melodies, drawing from the ethos of late ’90s and early 2000s nostalgia while carving its own distinct path.

Selkōw’s lyrical prowess, reminiscent of icons like Alanis Morissette and Third Eye Blind, serves as the beating heart of “Disruptor.” Each track delves deep into themes of introspection, grappling with the complexities of existence in a world marred by societal pressures and personal demons. From the anthemic declaration of “Get Fixed” to the introspective journey of “Nowhere” and the poignant reflection of “Dial *,” Selkōw bares his soul with unflinching honesty.

“Echo,” a haunting exploration of relationships and addiction, and “Superstar,” a commentary on the relentless pursuit of success, further cement Middle Part’s commitment to authenticity and depth. These songs serve as beacons of truth in a landscape often obscured by superficiality.

Collaborating with esteemed producers and drawing inspiration from diverse influences, Selkōw crafts a sonic tapestry that transcends boundaries. From the post-grunge undertones to the dreamy shoegaze elements, “Disruptor” defies categorization, inviting listeners on a cathartic journey of self-discovery and reflection.

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Beyond the music, Middle Part’s visual narrative adds another layer of depth to the album’s thematic resonance. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of MTV and the gritty realism of downtown streets, Selkōw creates a visceral experience that mirrors the album’s emotional intensity.

As Middle Part continues to evolve and resonate within Brooklyn’s vibrant music scene, “Disruptor” stands as a bold declaration of artistic intent. With its innovative sound and unwavering authenticity, the album disrupts the status quo, paving the way for a new era of alternative pop music—one defined by sincerity, depth, and unbridled emotion.

June 26th – New Haven – Cafe Nine
June 27th – Troy NY – No Fun
June 28th – Allston MA – O’Briens Pub
June 29th – Winooski VT – Monkey House
June 30th – Brooklyn NY – Union Pool


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