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Silent Mass beckons those who are drawn to the darker realms of music, weaving a wailing wall of sound that resonates with disciples of Post-Punk, Ethereal Wave, Shoegaze, and 90s Alternative. For anyone who has yearned for a heavier Enya or felt the call to embark on a sonic pilgrimage through the territories claimed by The Cranberries, Chelsea Wolfe, Cranes, and Dead Can Dance, Silent Mass offers an irresistible invitation.

The project emerged as a solitary pursuit amidst the sun-drenched streets of pre-pandemic Los Angeles, born from the creative mind of Ammo Bankoff. Their debut single, a haunting rendition of ‘Total Recall,’ was described by Big Takeover Magazine as “melancholic escapist dreamery,” setting the stage for Silent Mass’s unique blend of ethereal soundscapes.

With subsequent singles like ‘Rose + Crown’ and ‘A Cold War City,’ Silent Mass continued to captivate listeners, drawing comparisons to luminaries like Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive, while carving out a sonic territory uniquely their own.

Relocating to New York City, Silent Mass expanded their lineup and honed their live performance craft, earning praise from Brooklyn Vegan as “ethereal Brooklyn goths” and taking their dreamy sound to sold-out venues across the globe, from Berlin to Los Angeles.

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Their upcoming debut LP, ‘The Great Chaos,’ set for release on 6/21 in honor of the Summer Solstice, promises to be a journey into the depths of ethereal beauty and sonic exploration. With leading singles like “Land of Heart’s Desire” and “Nest of Flowers,” Silent Mass invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of unfulfilled aspirations and the enigmatic allure of the unknown, all set against a backdrop of haunting melodies and lush instrumentation.


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