“Start from the heart, let my dreams make the rules,” perfectly summarizes electro-soul siren, Oriel Poole, into one phrase. Her vocal tone combines the soulful grit of Erykah Badu with the haunting mystery of Lana Del Rey, creating a seductive, otherworldly sound all her own. With “a voice that will pierce your soul,” (Indie Shuffle) her melodic R&B synth-pop both electrifies and soothes the senses, all in one breath.

Born in the UK, Oriel grew up in the US and embarked upon a promising design career, but during the height of the recession following the economic crash, she discovered that her longtime love, music, was her ultimate passion. Using the skills she honed as a production designer, Oriel now adapts her talents to self-manage and direct her music career.

Being primarily self-taught, her melodies come from an intuitive feeling, rather than an intellectual place. They are honest, free of pretension, and full of passion. Unburdened by what someone may have been taught or told they are supposed to do, her approach allows her to improvise and court inspiration wherever she finds it. Just as she has straddled the worlds of music and design, her songs float effortlessly between the worlds of the cosmic and of the human.

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Upon the strength of the first piece of music she had ever written, which would become her debut single “Brighter”, Oriel was able to rally support from friends and new fans behind the creation of her debut EP, Sunday. This early success demonstrated to her that the decision to leave a promising design career was not just a lark, but the first steps of a true artist with unlimited potential. Leading up to the creation of her EP, Oriel took a course in Ableton and Music Theory, which would help her to define the parameters of each song. One step she took was randomizing the BPM, mode, and key of each song and developed the songwriting from there, which led to the EP’s highly eclectic collection of genre styles and vocal expressions. To help smooth out the rough edges and help create a cohesive piece of work, Oriel then recruited Producer Max Savage to take Sunday to the next level. Now after years of hard work, the EP has become fully realized, charged with themes of personal inspiration and the pursuit of Oriel’s inner desires.

While she has been working on Sunday, Oriel has collaborated with a number of prominent artists and musicians including electro-band Lotus on their track “Anti-Gravity,” and downtempo producer Thriftworks’ song “Someone.” The former, she would go on to perform with the band at iconic venues like The Fonda in Los Angeles, and Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver. The latter would end up exposing her to many underground electronic music lovers. Building on her successes and momentum so far, the release of Sunday is the emergence of Oriel as an independent solo artist.


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