Following the success of the highly addictive indie-pop single, ‘Summer Drug’, released in January to a warm and welcome reception from the likes of Indietronica, PopOn&On, Music Crowns and PopularTV, Ci Majr returns with her unmissable new single, ‘Guillotine’, taken from her upcoming, debut EP, Side Effects, set for release on April 16th 2021.

Entirely self-written, ‘Guillotine’s’ inspiration came to Ci Majr (Ciara Adkins) during the peak of the political tensions in the US back in  2020. When engaging in a conversation between family and friends, she noticed that things seemed to be going round in circles with nobody really listening, quickly realising that people’s egos were what was getting in the way of any meaningful communication and understanding. 

Taking this concept and expanding it to include romantic relationships, Ci Majr wrote ‘Guillotine’ as a response, learning a lot about herself in the process.

Comprised of shimmering, 80s-inspired synth lines, playful piano chords and punchy, pop percussion, ‘Guillotine’ has all the energy and heartfelt, endearing lyricism characteristic of a Ci Majr track. Accompanied by a vibrant and meaningfully layered, homemade video featuring Ci Majr’s finacé, Anna and conceptualised and edited by friend Danie Harris, the ‘Guillotine’ music video, much like the song itself, was a labour of love amongst friends. Sticking to the winning formula used in ‘Summer Drug’, Ci Majr taps UK-based producer and friend  Féz once more for the finishing touches on the production of ‘Guillotine’.

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