It’s all about intimacy, attraction and trust on the brand new retro-R&B-infused single by the Copenhagen-based pop star who is destined to go beyond the borders of her home country in 2022.

She’s a truly unique soul in Danish music! And with the voice of an angel, a DIY divaesque look and style of her own and a sound on record that blends classic R&B with indie, soul and pop, Jada has become the voice of a whole generation of young people, who relate and gain confidence through her honest, authentic music.

“This song is about being in a relationship with someone but you feel like there is a distance between you. They took a step back and you don’t know why. It’s about intimacy, attraction and how you have to say the hard stuff inside of you out. This song really means a lot to me, because it’s essential that there is honesty and trust between me and the people I love. I can have a hard time expressing my own thoughts and feelings sometimes but we have to do it, I think. It only makes us better, closer and stronger,”


In only a short period of time, Jada has become the most promising new artist to come out of Denmark – and maybe even the Nordics. In 2018 she released her debut single ‘Keep Cool’ and in 2019 she was named P3 Talent of the Year – the Danish equivalent to BBC Sound Of.

Earlier this year, Jada released the hauntingly beautiful ballad, ‘I’m Back’, following last years’ hit singles, ‘On Me’ and ‘Nudes’ – the latter, spending no less than 8 weeks as #1 on the Danish Airplay Chart.

With more than 40 million global streams on Spotify alone and with a headline spot at the legendary Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival 2022, Jada must be destined to be an artist who’s finally ready to go way beyond the Danish borders.

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