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London based Ukrainian, producer and songwriter, Sleepwoka, releases Nothing left to Say the first track from his upcoming EP “The Lockdown Ghosts”. Like many during the COVID pandemic, Sleepwoka found the second lockdown the hardest with the lowest mental point for him in November 2020. His response, like many creatives, was to turn to music:

“I felt the urge to snapshot my experiences with music. Nothing left to say was written quite fast and it felt like the lyrics were always in my head and I just needed to write them down. Afterwards, I realised I actually still have a lot to say about 2020/2021 and I decided that the next EP will be fully dedicated to the Pandemic and how it affected me as a human being.”

Many of us feel like our lives are divided by pre-Covid and Post-covid and Sleepwoka says the track was very much born out of that feeling:

“It felt to me that COVID opened a can of worms in my head and my deepest fears and anxieties took control of me. A lot of different thoughts were rushing through my head and I was trying to capture them on paper. When all the emotions are overwhelming I find that words can only deprive the meaning and I felt that there was nothing left to say that would change anything.”

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Sonically, Nothing Left To Say is a slight departure from Sleepwoka’s previous synthesizer led songs with the electric guitar taking centre stage. However, his signature sound is still evident with the vocals playing the same role as the other instruments in the track hence the chorus containing no lyrics at all.

Everyone’s experience of 2020/21 was unique and yet people from all over the globe will be able to relate to the sentiment of the song.


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