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Rocco was first introduced to the industry as the vegan, yogi, rapper son of Ted Nugent, but in 2011 he broke free of what the world knew about him with an experimental sound inspired by artists like Kid, Cudi, Kanye, and Ryan Leslie.

His debut mixtape, “learning” and the follow-up “loneruare” crafted a journey through his dark thoughts and harrowing depression, inspired by the process of coming to terms with who he was.

Over the years, he’s grown into an inspiring artist using the combination of sound, video, and identity. He brings listeners to a sonic world of tribal trap beats, celestial falsetto, and textured percussion that lays the groundwork for his modern pop landscape. Tackling tough issues like mental health and self-discovery, he is equal parts, poet and emcee.

The pulsating slow groove of “mtn” sways listeners into an immediate sense of comfort and authenticity. Inspired in equal measure by the likes of Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi, the self-reflective track and coinciding video bring life to his moody, transcending style.

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Traversing the mountain landscapes and communing with nature, surrounded by his friends, they’re immersed in an earth-soul connection as the beat of the music moves them from one season to the next. Changing leaves and smooth, earthy beats transport listeners into a world of his own creation; one where each person can live “their fullest, brighter, and most authentic self.” From the flowing rhymes to the mellow synths, every piece of “mtn” inspires listeners to journey within themselves to find the answers they need.


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