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Fusing together the purity of classical sounds and the sonic richness of electronic instruments, Spanish composer Richard Dobeson creates a universe that is expressive, imaginative, and wonderfully relatable.

Born of Irish origin, Richard Dobeson lives in Madrid where his home studio is located. From here, he crafts compositions that explore the human connection to peace, love and unity. His eclectic soundscapes experiment with neo-classical, progressive, and art rock genres, but his signature presence is in the cinematic quality found in each piece.

Richard Dobeson has dedicated his life to music, pouring his soul into every note, melody, and instrument. The years of music education, knowledge and expertise have allowed Dobeson to express himself eloquently through music. His humble beginnings in music began as a teenager, possessing a natural talent for the guitar and his passion for performing. Much of his time was spent studying and practising the instrument to develop a style that would become unique to Dobeson.

Guided by professionals, his thirst for musical knowledge only intensified. Continuing his studies in Classical and Jazz training, his next venture would be in the electric guitar with Jorge Cabadas and David Gwynn. Nano Riverola and Goya Award-winning Eva Gancedo would assist him in his Ear Training, Piano, Harmony, Composition, Arranging and Film Scoring studies. These courses would greatly influence his creative songwriting abilities. His knowledge in piano and clarinet gave him access to new depths and dimensions within his pieces, combining classical instrumentation with vivid electronic sounds.

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Richard Dobeson’s music has accompanied cinematic visuals, writing for film and media. He was also the accompanying guitarist for singer Dani Martin, who would later form ‘Canto del Loco’. His own personal work has seen the releases of an array of EPs and singles, including ‘ Largo‘, ‘Call of Dreams’, ‘Elysium Bliss,’ ‘Deep Heart’ and ‘Wild Flower’, and many more.

The result of Richard Dobeson’s vibrant career and spirited connection with music is a colourful, artistic and dynamic world that brings awareness to the mind, body, and soul.


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